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46° North

Mar 24, 2021

To grow a better understanding of our First People’s, Archeologist Carl Davis sits down with the Preserve Montana team to question the notion of “pre-history” and help bridge the gap between modern advances and ancient indigenous cultures.


Mar 19, 2021

With nearly 450 schoolhouses documented as part of our Big Sky Schoolhouse Survey, Jim Greene and Martha Vogt have been our longest serving volunteers. In this episode, they share some of their favorite stories from the road, the value or their work, and what it has taught them about Montanan’s passion for history.

Mar 11, 2021

As the fourth largest state in the US, Montana is full of distant and rural communities. This week, Interpretive Historian Christine Brown shares with us the challenges, rewards, and value of preserving history in some of our states smallest towns.

Mar 4, 2021

During this week's episode, preservation architect Lesley Gilmore tells us a little about the history of preservation as a field and the unique ways in which history is saved throughout Big Sky Country.